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The British Council intends to create a new publication, to join its growing collection of global publications, on the theme of 'English across the fracture lines: the contribution and relevance of English to security, safety and stability in the world'.

We have appointed Dr Elizabeth Erling, of The Open University, as editor of the volume. Our aim is to produce an authoritative publication which will draw on a range of contexts and experiences from around the world. We are now seeking proposals for chapters for the publication.

We are interested in both research and conceptual pieces that are evidence-grounded, describing practical experiences and examples (“stories”, case studies) of how the English language can be used and can contribute to peace-making, security, resilience, safety and stability in the world. For the publication as a whole, we will be seeking a balance of contexts and experiences. Examples might include:

  • Explorations of the content, pedagogy, and evaluations of English for Peacekeeping projects
  • The role of ELT in programmes that seek to revolutionise military education
  • The role of English and language learning in terrorism/counter-terrorism
  • English and civil unrest
  • The role of English during humanitarian crises
  • The role of English in reconciliation in post-war contexts
  • The role of English/foreign language use and learning in promoting the resilience of individuals and communities during times of crisis
  • The contribution of language learning in general and ELT in particular to promoting empathy, resilience, stability, intercultural understanding, human rights and peace 
  • English in isolated states

Deadline and contact details

Proposals should be no more than 300 words. They should be sent to Elizabeth Erling at by 5 July. The final publication, for which the British Council will hold the copyright, will be made freely available on our publications web pages

Contact if you have any queries.