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Cambridge Natural Science and Cambridge Social Science - Cambridge University Press

Everything starts with a question! A complete Primary Science programme, published specifically for the Madrid Bilingual Project, this course has been developed to give maximum support to non-native English language teachers teaching Science in English and Primary pupils from age 6-12 learning Science in a second language. Together with the new ELT course Life Adventures, they form part of the Cambridge Bilingual Programme, representing the first time an integrated approach has been taken to these three subjects. An enquiry based approach aids the development of thinking skills; student-centred learning ensures an active classroom experience with projects, investigations and experiments which inspire collaboration; characters, songs, stories and vibrant design, illustration and photography bring the content to life.

Due to its success in 2018, a light adaptation, Science Skills, has also been prepared for the international market, positioned as ‘a Science course for English teachers.’

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ESOL Stepping Stones - The ESRC International Centre for Language and Communicative Development (LuCiD)

ESOL Stepping Stones is an innovative twelve week ESOL course that delivers essential functional English, including health and parenting information, to mums along with their babies, embedded within their community. Our comprehensive course pack enables existing staff and/or volunteers in children’s centres, schools and other cultural and community settings to deliver basic, relevant ESOL in a ‘stay and play’ format.

By empowering staff in settings to deliver informal ESOL themselves to mums along with their babies, we can overcome some of the main barriers these women face when accessing UK ESOL provision, such as childcare, suitable provision and learner confidence. 

ESOL Stepping Stones is, quite literally, a first step for these learners to begin on their journey to learn English. The course also promotes communication, language use and interaction between mum and baby which is so important for every child’s language development.

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Hands Up Project playwriting competition - The Hands Up Project with UNRWA

'When a 12 year old student has her own literature published in a book, this means that the Hands Up Project opens the space for Palestinian kids to become their own Shakespeares.
Sahar Salha, teacher at Beit-Hanoun Elementary Co-ed UNRWA school, Gaza

'When Mrs Mariam told us about the competition I became very motivated. I had the idea of the play and started to write. I wrote many drafts. I learned many new English words from the dictionary and  from asking my teacher. It was an amazing experience to write a play in English. This is my real start in writing.'

'This experience gave me more self-confidence. I got rid of my shyness and fear. I am now able to stand in front of people to speak and express myself. It’s a big change in my character.
Dana Nawas and Rawan El-Bahnasawi, students at Nuseirat Prep-A Girls UNRWA school, Gaza

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Improving Language, Improving Lives: Resources for ESOL Tutors - The Bell Foundation with Learning and Work Institute, De Montfort University

The Improving Language, Improving Lives ESOL Tutor Resource Pack contains materials specifically for use with learners who are in prison, or who have had recent experience of the criminal justice system. It is based on the established principles of Learning and Work Institute’s well-received ‘Citizens’ Curriculum’ model for adult basic skills, which promotes flexible, locally-led programmes of learning that are co-created with learners and cover a range of language and literacy skills, interlinked with wider life skills and capabilities.

The resources cover three broader ‘Citizens’ Curriculum’ capabilities: civic, financial and health. In these sections, six units each provide enough material for a three-hour ESOL class. The resources can be used to support accredited learning leading to ESOL qualifications, as well as in non-accredited provision. Each unit includes a set of tutor notes which provide a suggested approach, stimulus materials, ideas for differentiation, learner involvement, and extension activities.

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Teach for Change Nigeria - Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) with iSERVE2050

Teach for Change Nigeria (TFCN) is the first educational website in Nigeria that provides relevant, detailed, creative and step by step instructional materials for teachers of Language and Literature in Nigeria. We have an annual teacher prize called TFCN Teacher Prize for Literature which supports and encourages the teaching of books in Nigerian classrooms; plus an open Whatsapp group for all teachers of English and Literature where free webinars are hosted, teaching resources given out and teachers feel relaxed to collaborate and share problems encountered during lessons, alleviating them of the burden of lesson planning alone. TFCN bridges the gap in educational inequality by organising literary activities like poetry slam among teens in underserved areas in Nigeria. Our overall goal is to empower teachers and students with the knowledge of reading and writing in a way that it is utilised to initiate creative solutions to national problems.

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