COMPASS - Richmond Publishing, S.A. de C.V.

How does science work? What is the purpose of art?

Take your students on a fascinating voyage across the oceans, earth and sky, and through the realms of human knowledge, and explore life’s essential questions with COMPASS. In each of its five interrelated Logs per level, students navigate these Big Questions from different perspectives, developing their language skills naturally, meaningfully, authentically and creatively.

The programme’s flexible print components, plus the innovative digital platform with a writing blog, will give students and teachers an exceptional language learning experience, which will foster 21st century life skills in students and promote the development of cultural awareness and cognitive challenges. COMPASS encourages learners to travel beyond what they already know and inspires them to be global citizens ready to face the challenges of the future. Set your students on course for bilingual education!

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FUTURE SUCCESS - Capital School of English

FUTURE SUCCESS is a course designed to get students working together. A course about collaboration and sharing that enables and develops employability and global talent. During the course students work collaboratively on a series of projects that focus on the mindset and attitude needed for the future job market, while developing the key communicating tool of that market, the English language. The projects grow in length and complexity and they give students the opportunity to contribute their existing knowledge while learning from others.

In learning spaces, physical and virtual, designed to make it easier to work together and alongside multi-disciplinary tutors and connected with local businesses, students work without barriers to create, innovate and collaborate inside and outside the school.

I would recommend the course because I have had so many experiences in just two weeks that I can’t even get in a couple of years!’ Norah, Saudi Arabia

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LB170 Communication skills for business and management (LB170) - School of Languages and Applied Linguistics, The Open University UK

LB170 Communication skills for business and management is an innovative Open University Level 1 online, globally available course aimed at developing language and skills for communicating effectively in the world of business and management. Drawing on a variety of business case studies, students at a distance are enabled to write successful business assignments and a range of workplace documents; develop strategies to read complex texts on business topics; be able to give effective presentations and take part in business negotiations and academic discussions. The course materials use a blend of texts, audios, videos and interactive online activities to help students develop both written and spoken business communication skills. 

A unique feature of this course is catering for student communication needs both in the workplace and business management study. It provides them with real opportunities to apply what they have learned to their workplace or study immediately. 

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On Task - Abax Ltd.

On Task is a three-level task-based coursebook. To our knowledge, it is the first coursebook to be based on the Willis Task-Based Language Teaching framework. Each unit features an input and output task section, both of which follow the same simple pattern; Pre-task, main task, post-task. Linguistic support is provided, but unlike conventional texts, it is offered as an appendix at the back of the book for teachers to use as (or if) needed. There is also a listening section featuring speakers from around the world with examples of language useful for each task.

This lively up-to-date course will get learners speaking English with confidence, develop their interactional skills and extend their vocabulary. On Task follows clear task-based cycles that give learners multiple opportunities to activate and extend their English and use it in a wide variety of ways. The emphasis throughout is on meaning-focused communication, bringing English to life.’ Jane Willis, author of A Framework for Task-based learning

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Widgets Inc.: A task-based course in workplace English - Atama-ii Books

Widgets Inc. is a course employing a “strong” task-based approach to language learning.

Students simulate being interns at an exciting new startup company where they work together to perform a series of increasingly challenging tasks. In this way, all classwork is highly contextualized and realistically connected; all discussions, presentations, video viewings, written reports and interviews have a clear purpose and build cohesively upon each other.

The primary goals of Widgets Inc. are to develop communicative competence in practical situations and to practice workplace-related language skills. Therefore, self, peer, and teacher evaluations are realistically integrated into the course and focus on the appropriate completion of tasks. Students perform tasks individually and together as members of a team, taking turns as project managers for their team. At the end of the course, students create resumes listing their simulated but realistic experience, and participate in authentic-seeming job interviews.

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