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Date: Thursday 30th May 2013
Theme: Starting work in a new school can be daunting for any teacher and particularly difficult for less experienced teachers. As managers, it is our responsibility to make this as stress free as possible for the teacher, the staffroom and the students. This workshop addresses the gulf between teaching practice as part of a pre-service course and the reality of teaching a full timetable and additional administrative tasks. It considers the types of challenges which can arise and focuses on how to minimise teacher, student and management stress to allow the integration of new staff to go as smoothly as possible.
Fiona covers areas of teacher induction and on-going training to monitor and guide the new teacher comfortably. In addition, she provides tried and tested practical ideas for teachers and managers to take away and implement immediately.
About the speaker: Fiona Dunlop is the Academic Director at Wimbledon School of English, London (one of the oldest ELT schools in the UK). Fiona has been involved in many aspects of ELT over the past 20 years, including Teacher Training, Business English and Academic Management. She spent several years at International House Cairo and  Rio/Sao Paulo before returning to London in 1997. She currently gives talks and provides training on many aspects of ELT such as course design, training new teachers, teacher observation, academic quality and motivating long stay students. She also runs  teacher training and development courses at Wimbledon School of English.

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