Where can students play paintball, learn how to read and play music, visit a gallery and then drive away in the car that they have hired with their teacher and classmates while speaking English at the same time? Well they can do that if they travel to an English speaking country or they can ‘travel’ to English City and do it online in a realistic and interactive environment.

Students use avatars (characters) to talk to other students and teachers in the city and do things you can in a city like London; buy a cup of coffee, go shopping or have a meal with friends. English teachers and actors play the parts of a café owner, an estate agent, a banker etc so the students know who to visit where for the type of language input they need.

Languagelab arranges regular tours and introductions for teachers and researchers who are interested in getting more involved in immersive 3-D environments for teaching. Instructions on getting there can be found on their website.

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