English Out There is the world’s first English course specially designed to work with social media and free internet telephony. In 2011, the European Commission funded website elearningeuropa.info named it one of the top ten uses of social media for formal language learning in the EU after listening to a case study in which a Chinese adult learner went from a beginner to intermediate speaker in just six lessons.

The content consists of a suite of English language teaching and learning materials in simple file formats (PDF and MP3) that support focused real speaking and listening practice in every lesson. 250,000 hours of teaching and testing has created a unique global English course that can be used in any ELT environment and combines psycholinguistics with tasks with social learning. 

  • Teach in class or online using worksheets (Input)
  • Teachers and students go out into the real world (English speaking countries) or students keep worksheets and go online for homework.
  • Students speak to people in the real world or their online practice partners sourced via sites like Facebook.com, Italki.com or Skype (Activity).
  • Students reflect upon their experiences with their teacher and their peers in various ways (Result)

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