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This webinar recording discusses the challenges face by those involved in observation and feedback.

This free webinar looked at the uses of video technology in teacher education.

In this webinar recording, Nelson Arditto and Nora Touparlaki explored ways of making mentoring programmes successful.

In this webinar we aim to discuss the recent increased interest in teacher research engagement by English language teachers and the need for teacher research mentoring that can and should be offered to teachers.

This webinar recording is aimed at teacher educators who are involved in mentoring. The presenter, Doina Fleanta, explores the skill of 'noticing'.

In this webinar recording Phil Dexter presents some different models of inclusion and identifies the skills, knowledge and understanding that can equip teacher educators in working with teachers in creating more inclusive classrooms and schools.

In this webinar recording Nik Peachey explores how emotional intelligence can be applied in coaching.

This webinar explores some of the learner’s difficulties with reading and suggests practical strategies and techniques for teachers who want to support struggling readers and improve their reading comprehension.

Watch the webinar recording from May 2018 with Jo Gakonga (Warwick University / ELT-training.com).

This webinar examines a high-powered web-based text analysis tool called TextInspector.com, winner of the 2017 ELTon award for Digital Innovation.

In this webinar panel discussion, we look at the future of teacher research. To mark the end of the International Festival of Teacher-research in ELT, a panel of invited guests discuss further possible enhancements of the teacher-research movement.

In this webinar recording, Martina Limburg invites you to come and learn more about the Mooveez application, winner of the 2016 ELTon award for Digital Innovation.


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