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The British Council seminar series brings ELT professionals together to discuss the latest developments in ELT. Each seminar is recorded and published here. If you are in the UK and would like to attend a seminar, click here to find out more.

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Image Motivating the unmotivated

What makes your students want to come to your class? This seminar, with Ken Wilson, outlines ten ways to create an atmosphere that makes them want to do just that. January 2012, London.

Image Some things that matter in grammar teaching and some things that don't

Do you feel like you teach too much or too little grammar in the classroom? Can we ever expect our English language learners to produce perfect grammar? Gain a better understanding of the typical grammar mistakes learners make and how to prioritise the grammar you teach and learn about Michael Swan’s 'three Ex’s' for teaching grammar and how to include grammar in other language practice.

Image Videotelling

In this seminar, Jamie Keddie shares a classroom technique for bringing storytelling to the YouTube generation. December 2011, London.

Image Using cinema to engage young people with citizenship

This presentation, with James Clarke, explores ways of applying cinema, and potentially filmmaking, to the classroom as a means of enhancing student engagement with issues of citizenship and self in relation to students' wider communities and related concerns. December 2011, London.

Image Language and literacy as social practice

Pauline Moon explores the idea of 'language and literacy as social practices'. She uses activities and discussion to consider how to support learners in using the culturally situated language and literacy practices they encounter in daily life. December 2011, Leicester.

Image ESOL learners with basic literacy needs - where do I start?

Judy Kirsh explores some of the different approaches involved in teaching basic literacy to ESOL learners who have no, or very little, literacy in English. December 2011, Leicester.

Next seminar

An English Language Council lecture on Science and the English language
Thursday 13 November 2014, 1730 - 2030

London and LIVE ONLINE

The next instalment of the English Language Council lecture series (past speakers include David Crystal and Ben Crystal) -  a collaboration between the English-Speaking Union and the British Council. Join the lecture and panel discussion on communicating big ideas in science's lingua franca.

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UK-India publication launch: Innovations in continuing professional development
Friday 28 November 2014, 1730 - 2030

London and LIVE ONLINE

How can training change lives? Join the international live-stream from the UK and India, for the global launch of the British Council's Innovations in continuing professional development.

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