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The British Council seminar series brings ELT professionals together to discuss the latest developments in ELT. Each seminar is recorded and published here. If you are in the UK and would like to attend a seminar, click here to find out more. Browse the seminar collection or use our site search facility to select seminars by topic.

Use our seminar training materials in training sessions or for self access continuing professional development.

Seminar training materials


Beyond computer assisted language learning

Huw Jarvis takes English language teachers on the journey from the origins of computer assisted language learning in English Language Teaching to the modern world of English usage and mobile phones, and discusses what implications this has on English language learning and teaching today.


mLearning: From theory to practice

This practical seminar by Gavin Dudeney takes a look at the history of mobile and handheld learning and discusses practical ideas that teachers can immediately implement in their classes across a variety of levels and contexts. November 2012, Cambridge.


Some things that matter in grammar teaching and some things that don't

Do you feel like you teach too much or too little grammar in the classroom? Can we ever expect our English language learners to produce perfect grammar? Gain a better understanding of the typical grammar mistakes learners make and how to prioritise the grammar you teach and learn about Michael Swan’s 'three Ex’s' for teaching grammar and how to include grammar in other language practice.


Teaching grammar inductively

What does it mean to teach grammar inductively? What is the difference between inductive and deductive grammar teaching? When teaching English grammar, what happens if learners are encouraged to work out grammar rules for themselves? Catherine Walter’s session aims to explain the advantages there might be in teaching grammar in this way.


Teaching IELTS: Producing materials for the academic reading and writing modules

To stick to the IELTS coursebook can become boring and repetitive for learners. One way to spice up your lessons and to provide extra extensive practice for students is to produce your own learning materials. In this seminar, Sam McCarter provides guidelines and advice on producing materials for IELTS.


Image IATEFL Pronunciation SIG-NATECLA London conference: Accentuate - live webcast

Watch the webcast recording of Accentuate, a one-day pronunciation event aimed to reach out to teachers working in a variety of contexts. There were sessions on a range of pronunciation topics relevant to the classroom, including traditional approaches, as well as innovations in the field. The plenary speakers are David Crystal, Ben Crystal, and Adrian Underhill.

Image Pronunciation Matters - re-thinking goals, priorities and models

What is the connection between pronunciation and other areas of learning English? How do we choose a model and priorities for ourselves and our learners? What do we do if our own accent isn’t 'BBC'? This thought-provoking talk by Robin Walker took place at the Creative ELT Conference, organised by the British Council in Madrid, September 2014.

Image The English Language Council lecture on science and the English language

Watch the British Council and the English-Speaking Union's English Language Council lecture, which focuses on the language of science and how to make science more publicly accessible. This lecture and discussion was recorded in London in November, 2014.

Image Dylan Thomas centenary celebration with Hannah Ellis and Guy Masterson

Watch this special Dylan Thomas centenary celebration held in London in October 2014. Hannah Ellis, granddaughter of Dylan Thomas, is our special guest speaker and is joined by Guy Masterson, Olivier Award winner and recipient of Edinburgh Fringe Festival accolades.

Image Practical ideas for teaching pronunciation and listening in an English as a lingua franca (ELF) context

Katy Davies and Laura Patsko present practical ideas for teaching pronunciation and listening in multilingual classes, based on their teaching experiences in Dubai and London. June 2014, London.

Image Accent and identity, prejudice and insecurity

Richard Cauldwell invites us to reflect on accent and prejudice, and provides strategies for determining pronunciation goals with our students. June 2014, London.

Next seminar

Creating a climate for innovation in language learning, evening event
Wednesday 11 March 2015, 1800 - 2100

London and LIVE ONLINE

Think differently! Try something new! Creating a climate for innovation in language learning.

More than ever the world needs young people who are internationally-minded and able to participate positively in an interconnected and interdependent world. This means promoting a step change in our approach to multilingualism and cultural awareness.

We would like to invite you to participate in a think tank and workshop to explore what we might do to promote new ideas in language learning.

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ESOL Offender Learning Conference
Friday 13 March 2015, 1200 - 1830

Birmingham + LIVE ONLINE

The British Council and The Bell Foundation warmly invite you to a half-day continuing professional development conference in Birmingham for ESOL tutors, teachers and practitioners working in prison settings, as well as those involved in managing or leading provision of offender education across the UK.

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