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Edited by Alan Maley, this book collects together teachers' narratives and reveals the value of reflecting on experiences for teacher development and training.

This book presents the issues facing local languages in Afghanistan, the complexity of teaching and learning English there, and recommendations for the future.

In this publication we have drawn together research and learning from around the world, in papers which highlight the need for inclusive education and some of the steps being taken to implement it.

Remote Teaching is a collection of articles, research papers and case studies that offer practitioners and policymakers insight into live online language teaching and teacher training.

This book reports the results of the monitoring and evaluation of an innovative English Language Teaching training programme run by the Venezuelan Education Ministry with the support of the British Council in Caracas. 

This literature review outlines how language of instruction policy and practice currently impact on student learning outcomes in Nigeria.

This cross-disciplinary publication talks about the role of language in enhancing the resilience of refugees and host communities.
This book contains stories from the Champion Teachers Peru programme, showcasing and celebrating ten English language teachers' efforts to deepen their understanding and improve their practice via Exploratory Action Research (EAR).

This non-academic research book demonstrates ten teacher educators' professional reflective journeys through action research.

This is a practical handbook, written in a non-academic, teacher-friendly style, to show teachers how they can engage in research for their own continuing professional development and for the benefit of their students.

This report offers an exploration of the policies and practices relating to the evaluation of teaching currently being used within the government school system in India.

This review assesses an international body of educational literature on teacher evaluation and draws on this to make recommendations for the evaluation of teachers in English language teaching.


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