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This 1977 booklet from the ELT Documents series contains four main chapters and a postscript which introduce communicative techniques, still at that time in an early stage of development, to a wider audience.

This 1977 publication supplements the Index to Twenty-Five Years of English Language Teaching, which covered the years from the launch of the journal in 1946 to 1971. This follow-up volume contains 14 index sections, covering the same subject areas as the first volume, from spoken English to language learning, plus an author index.

Published in 1972, this volume covers the first 25 years of the journal now known as ELT Journal. Compiled by the British Council’s English Teaching Information Centre (ETIC), the index contains 14 subject sections, from spoken English to language learning, plus an author index.

This brief report was written following a fact-finding visit to the Soviet Union in 1962 by a delegation of British education specialists. The visit took place during a determined, centralised drive to improve language teaching.

Published in 1990, the overall theme of this in-house British Council publication is quality assurance of language provision, a topic which was at that time gaining increasing prominence in ELT.

This seminal 1975 publication offers contrasting viewpoints on the then-emerging field of English for academic purposes, with a specific focus on science and technology.

This booklet from 1977 accompanied a teacher training film about innovative ‘activity days’ at the British Council’s English Language Teaching Institute in London. Activity days were designed to provide English language learners with a range of intensive, stimulating and personalised language practice tasks.

The first issue of English Language Teaching, subtitled 'A Periodical Devoted to the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language', was published in October 1946. Originally issued by the British Council and now published by Oxford University Press, the journal has continuously served as a focal point for the profession.

This book was produced following the Hornby workshop on language improvement for teachers in Senegal in 2009.

This very practical and teacher-friendly publication was produced following a Hornby workshop on teaching large classes in Ethiopia in 2006.

This book, from 1990, looked at the practical benefits for teachers of classroom research.

This volume, published in 1988, consists of papers from the eponymous 1985 University of Reading Conference.


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