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This book contains papers from an International Conference on ‘Progress in English Studies’ held in London between 17 and 21 September 1984, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the British Council and its contribution to the field of English Studies over 50 years.

This short 1996 booklet, edited by Jenny Pugsley and Geraldine Kershaw, aimed to evaluate, in an informal way, the ELT work of the British Council in central and eastern Europe, 1989–95, during the transition from Communism. The British Council was able, with new UK government funding, to step up its English language teaching and teacher training in the region, meeting rapidly growing demand from the new democracies.

This 1964 booklet gives a summary of the main points in each film in the View and Teach series (produced by the BBC in association with the British Council) with suggestions for discussion by teachers after they have seen the films.

The purpose of this magazine-style 1999 publication was to ‘identify key trends and suggest opportunities for British ELT’ in the expansion of the internet.

This 1997 book, edited by Gerry Abbott and Mike Beaumont, is a compilation of selected papers from the annual residential seminars for ELT specialists employed or sponsored by the British Council which were held mainly at Dunford House, Sussex, during the period 1978–93.

This 1995 volume provides first-hand accounts of English teaching aid projects in 11 different countries, mostly from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. Countries from six world regions are represented: China; Malaysia and Thailand; Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia and South Africa; Mexico and Peru; Malta; and Sri Lanka.

This 1988 publication consists of papers presented at the 1987 SELMOUS conference in Durham for EAP practitioners.

This 1961 publication consists of papers from a high-level conference on University Training and Research in the Teaching of English as a Second/Foreign Language organised by the British Council in London, 15–17 December 1960. The conference brought together heads of departments of English and experts in linguistics and phonetics, with experts in education being relatively under-represented.

This 1979 ‘teaching aid devised by the English Language Teaching Institute’ was authored by David Herbert and Gill Sturtridge. ‘Simulations’ are defined and various types are described, including role plays. The value of using simulations is discussed, as are the stages involved in their production, and their structure.

ELTECS provided network members with an opportunity to make new contacts, co-operate, share ideas and analyse key ELT issues from the public and private sectors. The papers in this publication come from three ELTECS conferences in the 1992 to 1994 period, in Belfast, Bratislava and Manchester.

Devised by the British Council’s English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI), specifically Donn Byrne and Shelagh Rixon, this 1979 publication is a teacher-friendly handbook which presents a range of games designed to promote the communicative use of language in the classroom.

This 1983 collection examines possible uses of video for language teaching, at the time this being still a recent innovation and a relatively unexplored area.


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