The 2017 British Council ELT Research Awards programme attracted 24 high quality proposals from universities across the UK.

All submissions were reviewed by a panel of evaluators against the following criteria:

  • impact
  • innovation
  • feasibility
  • expertise
  • opportunities for international collaboration
  • value for money
  • alignment with British Council priorities.

The following 10 proposals were selected to receive a grant this year:

Prof Ernesto Macaro from the Oxford University: Transition from secondary education CLIL programmes (science) to tertiary education EMI

Dr Harry Kuchah from the University of Bath: English medium Instruction (EMI) in a multilingual Francophone context: An investigation of the learning strategies and resources of primary school children in Cameroon

Dr Nicola Halenco from the University of Central Lancashire: Embedding ICT to teach and assess the pragmatic targets of refusals and disagreements in spoken English       

Dr William Baker from the  University of Southampton: From English language learners to Intercultural Citizens: Chinese student sojourners development of intercultural citizenship in ELT and EMI programmes 

Dr Paul Roberts from the  University of York: A critical approach to training for English Medium Instruction in Higher Education: towards a theory of EMI  

Dr Susan Sheehan from the University of Huddersfield: Classroom assessment: the development of teachers’ cognitions       

Dr Huahui Zhao from Leeds University: Investigating the applicability of the CEFR for self-assessment in tertiary writing instruction in China: accessibility, feasibility, effectiveness and usefulness       

Dr Gwyneth James from the University of Hertfordshire: ELT teachers’ stories of resilience          

Dr Lavinia Hirsu from the  University of Glasgow: Challenging the Translingual Turn: Student-Teachers’ Perceptions, Practices and Networks 

Dr Duncan Hunter from the University of Hull: Understanding Reflective Writing in ELT Teacher Education: an Investigation Characterizing Successful Instances

Photo © Copyright Mat Wright