Creative Ways

This teaching pack is based on materials developed by the British Council in co-operation with the BBC World Service. Creative Ways, a series of six radio proggrammes, was inspired by the British Council’s 15th Oxford Conference on Teaching Literature Overseas held in 2000. The theme of the conference was ‘From Critical Reading to Creative Writing’ and some of the key ideas that emerged were developed by the programme series.

This resource pack was published in 2001 and includes an introduction about general approaches to teaching creative writing in the English Language classroom as well as teaching notes written by Franz Andres Morrissey, from the University of Berne, Switzerland. Franz is a writer and a teacher of creative writing. 

Creative Ways also incorporated interviews with the academics and writers involved as well as many of the conference participants. Although the main focus of the conference was on teaching literature in an EFL or ESL context, it is possible to use and adapt the approaches for other teaching contexts.The six programmes were broadcast round the world in 2000 and 2001. Each one suggested a different approach to using creative writing in the classroom, as follows:

Programme 1 - Weaving Texts
Programme 2 - Images
Programme 3 - Stories and Effects
Programme 4 - Characters
Programme 5 - (Re)Construction
Programme 6 - Experience and Observation

This publication is free to download.

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