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The seminar series brings ELT professionals together to discuss the latest developments in ELT. Each seminar is recorded and published here. If you are in the UK and would like to attend a seminar, click here to find out more.

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Image UNESCO English language day: English, speech and society - live webcast

Watch the live webcast of 'English, speech and society' with Urszula Clark. This seminar draws upon recent research into the relationship between English and social, regional and national identities. Such research has implications for language and education policies not only within the UK, but also the teaching of English worldwide.

Image Celebrating differences: Exploration of Equality and Diversity in the ESOL classroom

Laila El-Metoui focuses on strategies for integrating Equality and Diversity within English teaching practice, to foster a positive atmosphere conducive to learning. February 2014, London.

Teaching Humans

Johanna Stirling presents some common human characteristics and how they affect learning and classroom behaviour. January 2014, London.

Image A focus on materials development - live webcast

Watch the webcast recording of 'More than just a worksheet: How to write effective classroom materials' with Rachael Roberts, followed by Adam Kilgarriff talking about 'Corpora in the classroom without scaring the students'.

Image Focus on English for academic purposes - live webcast

Watch the webcast of 'Listening in EAP: Academic listener as interpreter and recorder' with Edward de Chazal, followed by Emma Greenhalgh talking about 'Laughter in English as a Lingua Franca in university seminars'.

Image Voices and images from WW1

Lucinda Hawksley looks at the language and images employed by British journalists, propagandists and artists during the First World War. This lecture looks at the vision of war that those in Whitehall wanted to be portrayed – as well as that which was created by those at the front line. November 2013, London.

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UNESCO English language day: English, speech and society
Tuesday 22 April 2014, 1830 - 2030

Urszula Clark


Is English coming to mark an identity which cuts across other factors such as age, gender, social class and ethnicity? Based on Economic and Social Science Research Council (ESRC) funded research, attend to debate the relationship between the English language and identity. 

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Lessons from ESOL which can be used in EFL
Tuesday 13 May, 17:30 - 20:30


'It's not about language, it's about people': Do ESOL learners benefit from engagement with museums?

This seminar will focus on the results of the presenter’s MA dissertation, which tested the hypothesis that visits to museums do benefit ESOL learners. The results show that trips to museums are about improving the life skills of the learners as well as their language skills.

Julie Carr

Creative ESOL: The power of participatory arts in English language learning

This seminar will explore Rewrite’s pioneering Creative ESOL model of practice. Creative ESOL is a participatory arts approach to language learning, currently being delivered for newly arrived young migrants and refugees aged 11 to 16, both in and out of secondary school settings.

Eleanor Cocks & Theah Dix

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World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
Tuesday 20 May 2014, 17:30 - 20:00


Is it time for educators to reclaim the technology debate? 

A focus on mobile and social learning to support language and literacy development within a CLIL context.

Joanna Norton

How are new technologies changing the relationship between student and teacher?

An intriguing look at anonymous feedback from teachers and students on how the relationship between the two is changing, and at the technologies which are either forging or breaking traditional bonds.

Karen Wilkins

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