The British Council Romania’s Rights in Deed Textbook Project was set up in 2000 with endorsement from the Ministry of Education.

Client, stakeholders, partners

  • Ministry of Education
  • Centre for Global Education, York St John University College, UK


  • Human rights textbook development 
  • Content and Language Integrated Learning
  • English for Specific Purposes

The project

The British Council Romania’s Rights in Deed Textbook Project was set up in 2000 with endorsement from the Ministry of Education. The project’s aim was to support Romania’s transition to a fully functioning democracy and the creation of a just civic society, by strengthening Human Rights Education (HRE) through the medium of English in Romanian secondary schools.

The aim was for the students to develop values which are inclusive and open-minded, including respect for diversity, truth, justice, intercultural understanding, human dignity and freedom of expression. Rights in Deed is the only publicly available HRE textbook in Romania and the region that is based systematically on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and links Articles in this document with everyday life.

The book, which was written by a group of Romanians who had been trained as materials writers and teacher trainers under a British Council ELT project, is attractively produced and student-centred in its approach, with lively activities that encourage reflection and debate. It is an example of a Content and Language Integrated Learning project, in which students develop English language skills together with their awareness of another subject area.

The project is a fine example of British-Romanian partnership and of the ways in which ELT skills are transferable to other educational areas. The teachers who wrote the course book, and those who teach it, are mainly teachers of English who were trained in human rights education.

The textbook has been used in training seminars in several countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America and is recognised by UNESCO as an example of best practice in promoting human rights.

What the stakeholders say

Teaching English doesn’t mean only teaching grammar, vocabulary and literature. It also means developing personalities, helping students find their own place in the world. Teaching is not just a profession, it’s a mission, and requires your entire self with a profound understanding of the world. That’s where Rights in Deed fills in a gap.
Alexandru M, Inspector Ministry of Education

I use this book. My parents are happy that school finally teaches us about life. These lessons made me understand how many prejudices I have, although I consider myself to be open-minded. The authors didn’t try to protect us. They’re telling the truth. I really think it is like that.
Florian.R., representative of the Student Council Board

I am so taken by all the discussions and debates in the Human Rights classes that using English comes so naturally.
Maria N., student


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