In the interview, Phil outlines competence-based education and the place of CLIL as a methodology within schools. He also discusses research about CLIL and his own observations of what happens when people start using CLIL in schools. He hopes that the British Council event 'CLIL policy and practice' will broaden out the CLIL conversation to involve new people and new ideas.

Phil Ball works for the Federation of Basque Schools, based in San Sebastián. He is a CLIL materials writer and teacher-trainer and has been closely involved with the award-winning Basque project, ‘Eleanitz’.  He has been involved in several European-based CLIL projects, and has written a wide variety of CLIL-based textbooks for the Basque and Spanish social science and English language programmes. He is working on a new book about CLIL, called ‘Putting CLIL into Practice’ (Oxford University Press 2014). 

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