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This week we interview Katy Simpson, teacher and materials writer based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Katy is particularly interested in designing materials to support teachers whose students need to communicate in an English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) context and co-writes an extensive blog on ELF pronunciation with Laura Patsko. In this interview, Katy discusses how to deal with pronunciation from an ELF perspective and describes plenty of ideas for use in the classroom.

Katy goes on to talk about Jennifer Jenkins' research into communication breakdown in multilingual classes and explains what the 'ELF Core' is and how it defines pronunciation priorities for ELF learners. Katy gives useful tips about how to approach pronunciation in both multilingual and monolingual classes. She also encourages teachers to get learners to reflect on where communication breaks down and why, and describes how to give support with communication strategies. Katy also describes how an ELF approach might be relevant for young learner classes.

Useful links:

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Find out more about ELF pronunciation teaching on Katy and Laura's blog, ELF pronunciation.

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Read Laura Patsko's dissertation paper 'Using the Lingua Franca Core to promote students’ mutual intelligibility in the multilingual classroom: Five teachers’ experiences'. This dissertation was among the top ten finalists for the British Council’s Award for ELT Masters Dissertation in 2014.