For the first time, we are encouraging members of the ELT community to submit suggestions for the 2017 ELTons lifetime achievement award. 
This award is given to ELT professionals who have made a substantial contribution to the ELT profession throughout their career. The panel is made up of ten experienced ELT professionals who will meet at the end of January to discuss prospective candidates. The winner is announced at the award ceremony in June. There have been seven previous winners:
2016 - Catherine Walter
2015 - Henry Widdowson
2014 - Michael Swan
2013 - Brita Haycraft
2012 - Alan Maley
2011 - Brian Abbs and Ingrid Freebairn
Please submit your suggestion(s) in the form of a 100 word paragraph on each nominee you would like to suggest to by 13 January. We will circulate all suggestions to judges prior to their meeting. 

Visit the ELTons web pages to find out more about the awards.