Vote for Best Blog, Best Website and Best Facebook Page

The annual Love English Awards, hosted by Macmillan Dictionary, is a public voting contest where readers can nominate and cast their vote for their favourite website/blog/Facebook page about the English language. It is a yearly event that is held from November to February.

The awards are designed to support websites/blogs/Facebook pages that are 'English language gems' where people go to learn more about English. They can be hosted in any language, as long as their main subject is the English language. They can be:

  • educational sites
  • teachers' blogs
  • resource sites
  • websites/blogs about words
  • inspirational/fun Facebook pages
  • or any other blog/website/Facebook page that encourages you to learn more about English!

Share your love and appreciation for your favourite blog/website/Facebook page and make sure that your favourite is nominated for the Love English Awards. The blog, website and Facebook page with the most votes wins the competition in each category. There are also two runners-up per category.

We have been nominated for the following:

Teaching English British Council
and LearnEnglish British Council for the Best Facebook page about the English language.

Click here to vote for the Best Facebook page.

British Council LearnEnglish and British Council Learn English Teens sites have been nominated in the Best Website about the English language category.

Click here to vote for the Best Website.
Voting starts on 13 January and finishes on 15 February 2015 on Macmillan Dictionary. Make sure your vote counts!