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Speakers will give sessions which are full of practical tips and advice which you can immediately apply to your own classroom. All talks are directly related to the 12 professional practices mapped out in the British Council's new Continuing Professional Development Framework for teachers.

Join the livestream sessions wherever you are - see our livestream event timetable and speakers:

Opening plenary 

Helping learners survive - and thrive - in the digital world
Jo Budden, LearnEnglish Teens website manager, British Council

10.10 - 11.00 (Find out the time where you are)

Are young people today as tech-savvy as they seem? Are they in control of the technology in their pockets? Do they know how to stay safe online? Are they looking after their digital footprints? And how is their plugged-in lifestyle changing the way they, and we, behave and communicate with one another?  

This talk will be a chance to stop and look around the digital world we find ourselves in. We will discuss how we use technology and how our young learners experience it. Finally, Jo will suggest ways we can bring some of the issues around digital literacies into the classroom.

Activating CLIL: Putting theory into practice
Rebecca Place, Teacher Development Unit, British Council, Bilbao

11.10 - 12.00 (Find out the time where you are)

CLIL is a dual-focused educational approach where an additional language is used for the learning and teaching of both content and language. Research shows the cognitive, academic and social benefits of growing up in a multilingual context. The challenge for learners is to develop their communicative competence in different languages in an integrated way and at the same time. The challenge for the teacher is to provide the necessary and extensive exposure to English which enables their students to develop both their social and academic language. That’s the theory – we’ll be looking at ways to put it into practice! 

Putting teachers at the centre of the learning process
Paul Braddock, TeachingEnglish Teens website manager, British Council

12.40 - 13.30 (Find out the time where you are)

Continuing professional development (CPD) is key to the motivation of English teachers worldwide. But how linear is the path that we follow in our development? Is it true that the longer we teach, the better we get in every aspect, or are there things we neglect and need to improve even after years in the classroom? This talk introduces the British Council’s Global CPD Framework, which has been designed to answer these questions by placing teachers at the centre of the learning process.

Getting to grips with corpora
Mark Mason, coordinator for adult learners and technology, British Council

13.40 - 14.30 (Find out the time where you are)

Cambridge books have a colourful stamp on their cover proclaiming that they have their own corpus which they have used in the research and development of their syllabi. However, for teachers corpora can seem a distant unapproachable element of language analysis. Good for research, yet not applicable to the language classroom.

This session will be a theoretical and very practical look at:

  1. What is a corpus? and what is corpus linguistics?
  2. Where can we find corpora?
  3. What can a corpus tell us?
  4. How can I build a corpus myself?
  5. How can I bring all of this into my classroom?

Closing plenary

Revisiting and reimagining Shakespeare in Shakespeare Lives films
Robert Hill, Freelance teacher trainer, author and editor

14.40 - 15.15 (Find out the time where you are)

This session will explore some of the British Council’s stimulating Shakespeare Lives films, which sometimes use the exciting possibilities of cinema to revisit classic scenes from the plays, but more often reimagine plays in intriguing new ways. 

Robert Hill's talk will see how a character who Shakespeare did not include in The Tempest now takes centre stage, how Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy invoking evil spirits is chillingly realised, how Twelfth Night is revisited in hip-hop form, and how Romeo and Juliet are reimagined on an English beach… as rival ice cream sellers. We will analyse these films, enjoy them, and also suggest how to exploit them with students. 

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