From 1 February 2020, we are moving over to the TeachingEnglish website. The content on EnglishAgenda aimed at teacher educators, managers and researchers has now been transferred to

What do I have to do?

As of 31 January 2020, EnglishAgenda will be retired and you will be automatically redirected to the relevant section on TeachingEnglish. Read on to find out where our content will be.

Where can I find information about the ELTons?

The ELTons section has moved to TeachingEnglish and we will continue to update you with the latest news of the awards for English Language Teaching innovation on the website:

Where can I find professional development content?

All existing professional development resources for teachers and teacher educators, such as articles, videos and webinar recordings, is now available in one place on the TeachingEnglish website. For ease of use, the information is logically organised according to the  teacher and teacher educator CPD frameworks and by professional practices:

We will continue to bring you new content to support the professional development of teachers and teacher educators on TeachingEnglish. This includes articles, webinars, publications, practical resources and blog posts.

Where can I find publications and research awards?

We have also given publications and research an update on the new website. All information and research papers relating to the English Teaching Research Awards and the Masters Dissertation Awards have also been moved to this section on TeachingEnglish.

Resource books such as Creativity in the English language classroom and The Storytelling Handbook for example, which contain ideas and activities for use in the classroom or training room, now have their own separate section. 

Case studies, insights and research publications, such as Managing Change and Creating an inclusive school environment have been placed in a new section and users can now filter titles by region and/or topic when looking for publications and research. 

Publications are also listed by most recent first as well as via alphabetical listing, making our titles easier to locate:

Where can I find information about schools and study in the UK?

If you are wondering about finding a UK school and living in the UK then visit:

If you want to know more about being an education agent then visit:

If you want to learn about Accreditation UK, our accreditation scheme for English language providers in the UK then visit:

Why all the changes?

The new unique site is an opportunity to provide a single British Council online home for teachers and teacher educators. It is also an opportunity to help you develop a career path by ensuring that there are online resources in one place to support you every step of the way.  

What other support for teacher educators is there?

Don’t forget we also have online communities of practice too!

If you are a teacher educator you can join our online teacher educator community, bringing you support, new ideas and opportunities to network and collaborate with fellow teacher educators from around the globe.

For teachers, join the British Council teacher community on Facebook to share ideas, resources and learning opportunities.