If you are working with younger learners, you can find plenty of ideas, for example:

  • Find out how to make a spider mobile, a pirate mask, snowflakes and get many other downloadable craft activities.
  • You can also find video tips, which show parents and their children making birthday cards, puppets and other crafts.
  • Try our online games which encourage creativity in our 'Make your own' section. Here learners can create comic strips and stories, and invent heroes and dangerous animals of their very own!
  • Or help your learners do some creative writing, such as creating poems.

We hope you are inspired to be creative with our young learner websites this June!

For more ideas, download our new book 'Creativity in the English Language classroom', read extracts from the book and watch our seminar recording with Alan Maley, Marisa Constantinides and other speakers.