This is a pop-up blog. Not because it's going to pop up unannounced on your screen, but because – like pop-up restaurants that open for a few weeks and then change location or close – it's only going to run for a fortnight.

The closest I ever get to a pop-up restaurant is my toaster at home, but I'm lucky enough to be getting a lot closer to the subject of this blog: the British Council ELTons Awards for 2012.

Starting today, I'll be looking ahead to this year's ceremony on Wednesday 23rd May, reflecting on past events and winners, and asking you to share your thoughts and predictions in the run-up to the profession's most prestigious awards.

Come the 23rd I'll be donning my finest T-shirt and reporting from the ceremony itself via online streaming, sharing the night's big names, stories and wardrobe malfunctions as the presentations approach.

Why do the ELTons matter? Well, for one thing they remind us that there is opportunity and value in what we do – not necessarily of the financial kind. They reward innovation in a field that has always embraced new ideas, from humanist methodologies to new technologies. And they celebrate the fact that ELT is an exciting place to be working today.

It’s going to be fun to be reunited with this year's host Scott Thornbury at an event that's been kind to us (ok, especially kind to him - but more of that in due course!). We won't be experiencing the butterflies of two years ago, but we will be sharing the excitement of this year's nominees as we wait to see who gets to carry home the coveted awards.

Tomorrow, pop into our pop-up for a look at the origins of the ELTons. Does anyone want to share their memories of the first awards in 2003?

PLANNING STAGE: Blocking out at the venue, Tuesday 15th May





 Thanks Scott - it's a shame we don't have the transcript, though perhaps you would care to reprise your off-colour joke next Wednesday? I may however be in a position to share a picture of you MCing in 2003 with our readers in the next blog post.. Nice continuity, too, with the award to Brian and Ingrid last year - which was the first time the Lifetime Achievement was given. 

Hi Shelly - thanks for popping in and yes I enjoyed Jeremy's rousing speech, too. It sounds as if Scott spoke in similar vein in 2003, from his description above - making connections between new ideas past and present. I'm looking forward to seeing Scott in action too, I'll see if he's prepared to offer a sneak preview on this blog. A smokin' frock sounds great - details of my own outfit are, however, jealously guarded. And I guess I can't offer any opinions about this year's nominees, but I'm sure I'm allowed to say good luck!