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Client, stakeholders, partners

  • Ministries of Education
  • Key national in-service teacher training institutions
  • English Teacher Associations


Improving classroom performance of teachers of English, especially those teaching in remote or marginalised areas
Increasing teachers' access to a variety of developmental methods and ELT materials
Strengthening the capacity of Teacher Associations to contribute to the development of ELT and to act as partners to government.

The project

This major project was set up by the British Council following discussions with ministries of education in the 7 participating countries. It addresses a number of common needs that were identified, and caters also for country-specific needs.

ETTE focuses on classroom language and methodology in an integrated way, aiming to increase teachers' confidence in their skills and language competence and to provide them with a rich fund of practical, context-specific skills, ideas and resources. The approach is flexible, allowing the emphasis to move between teaching and language, depending on needs and ability, but never losing sight of either.

In terms of language, ETTE concentrates on what happens in the classroom, taking as its benchmark language level B1 of the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

In terms of methodology, ETTE combines a core of skills relevant to all teaching situations, with a number of context specific skills which respond to the particular needs of the countries involved and the groups within each country. A flexible, responsive approach is made possible by creating a package of resources and training processes rather than merely a linear series of courses. These include courses, but also mentoring, peer support and guided self-access.

ETTE is using the best existing resources aimed at improving teachers' language competence, providing practical methodological guidance, plus resources emerging from the British Council Global Products for English Teachers.

What the stakeholders say

This course has helped us to transfer our theoretical knowledge into a practical one. The way we are asked to manage the classroom in teaching practice sessions is fantastic, learning quite new techniques.
A teacher in Nepal

The course encouraged me that we must use English everywhere. We must speak English and must not hesitate to speak it. With the passage of time and practice we will be good English speakers.
A teacher in Pakistan

For a teacher who needs training the British Council is the right organisation. I am totally impressed by the fact that British Council has great concerns for the quality of English language teaching in Uzbekistan.
A teacher in Uzbekistan