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  • Myanmar Ministry of Education
  • State education colleges and training institutions
  • Department for International Development
  • Voluntary Services Overseas


Supporting teacher educators to develop their teaching competence and English proficiency in the first phase and then to move on to developing their teacher training competence and communicative ability in English in the second phase. 

The project

The project emerged from a request from the Burmese Government to the UK Prime Minister for support with its process of educational reform. The English for Education College Trainers (EfECT) project started in August 2014 and has moved into its second phase, from September 2016 until March 2017.

The British Council and DFID co-funded a trail-blazing two-year teacher training project which placed 50 native speaker English language teacher trainers in 24 of Burma’s state Education Colleges and other teacher training institutions. The training project is working closely with all levels of the Myanmar Ministry of Education in order to improve training and professional development opportunities for Burma’s teachers.

Project staff work in postings across Burma from Myitkyina in the North to Dawei, close to the Thai border in the south, and from Myaung Mya in the West to Lashio, close to the Chinese border in the north east.

The first phase of the project involved a partnership with Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), which provided half the trainers on the ground. This short phase will be taken forward by the British Council with the expectation that VSO may be involved in further phase of the project, continuing the partnership developed elsewhere in the world. 

Speaking about the next phase of the project, Project Director, Ian Clifford, said: “It’s great to have the opportunity for a new team to build on the successes of the first phase of EfECT in order to support teacher educators to take forward the work by themselves at a future date”.

What the stakeholders say

Before the EfECT project I didn’t care much about the things that I used. For example, which objects were produced from which country and how to create them. And I was not very interested in people and their culture, their traditions and their everyday life. I was also not very interested in technology and our environment. 

But during the EfECT project, we’ve learnt everything that I mentioned in the first paragraph, so I started to realize that I need to learn and care about everything that I face. Thus, I started to learn about the objects, people and my environment in my everyday life. "

Daw Bauk Nu (Myitkyina Education College)

The EfECT project in Education Colleges is a very special opportunity for me. I believed that I would have improved my language proficiency as well as my teaching skills. During a few months I attended the British Council English class, my belief was not just a belief anymore. It became true because I have found myself improving and changing in some aspects. I have learnt a lot. Everything I learnt in the class is beneficial to my profession.

Among the changes that happened after one year of the EfECT project, the improvement of self-confidence in teaching was the most significant to me. "

Daw Thet Thet Khine (Pyay Education College) 

Watch a webinar recording about the project by Ian Clifford.

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