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In this webinar recording from Tuesday 9 January 2018, winners of the ELTons award for Local Innovation show how their innovative technology, Mavis Talking Books, can be used to teach the English language using the mother tongue as the language of instruction.

In this webinar on Saturday 9 December, we discuss Peace Education in the Secondary School ELT Curriculum, winner of the 2017 British Council ELTons Award for Course Innovation.

In this webinar, recorded on Thursday 16 November, we discuss Develop EAP: A Sustainable Academic English Skills Course, winner of the 2017 British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Learner Resources.

Two practical and thought-provoking webinars which took place on Thursday 5 October to celebrate World Teachers’ Day.

Sandy Millin presents tried and tested ways of getting those things done which demand your time and attention, or which you just never quite get round to, helping you to manage yourself and others and make the most of your time.

In this webinar recording from Wednesday 24 May, Martina Limburg Loučková, language teacher and teacher trainer, presents the Mooveez app and explores various ways of learning and teaching English through films. The Mooveez app was winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Digital Innovation.

In this webinar recording, Judy Kirsh, Teacher educator and ESOL/Literacy specialist, and colleagues explore the process of supporting migrant women and volunteer befrienders to become published authors.
Judy and her co-presenters talk about their project run by Learning Unlimited, winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Innovation in learner resources.

This webinar recording examines gender-neutral language and discusses why the teaching of gender-neutral language should be an important element of the ELT classroom. It also provides practical examples as to how teachers can integrate teaching of this aspect into their own syllabuses. 

Get some new ideas on how to exploit digital video with your students in this webinar recording presented by ELTons award winning author, Nik Peachey, which took place on Thursday 16 February, 2017.

This webinar recording explores what is meant by e-safety and investigates why we, as teachers, should be concerned with it. The webinar includes activities to raise awareness in class and looks at how to approach digital tools in the best way with our young learners. This webinar took place on Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 7 February. 

Lewis Lansford, co-author of Keynote, winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Excellence in Course Innovation, looks at how teachers can help students at every level to engage with authentic input. Using TED Talks, he’ll look at brain science related to listening and offer practical tips for creating success-oriented lessons at any level.

In this webinar recording, Sarah Priestley looks at key steps and effective tools to use when mentoring and supporting teachers.


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