Getting enough qualified English language teachers for basic education is usually an uphill task. This is more so in developing countries, especially in low income communities.

This webinar looks at how innovative technology can be used to teach the English language using the mother tongue as the language of instruction. Both parents and teachers need good instructional materials to get children interested in learning the English language – either at home or in a classroom setting. The webinar also shows how to transform existing materials into lively, easy-to-use technology-based learning materials.

Date: Tuesday 9 January 2018

Time: 17.00 UK time

About the speaker

Chizaram Ucheaga is the Head, Corporate Strategy & Operations at Mavis Computel Limited where he oversees the deployment of the Mavis Talking Books™ and Mavis Education Model for various clients. He is currently supervising a UK Aid funded deployment of the Talking Books to support 35 low cost private schools in Nigeria to reach about 7,000 children. He is a graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and also Lagos Business School trained (HIDAP). He tweets from @maviscomputel and posts on Instagram from @mavistalkingbooks.

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