Doodle Town - Macmillan Education

Doodle Town is a captivating 4-level pre-primary course designed to stimulate the imagination of young learners and inspire learning through a range of visual, audio and hands-on activities. This one-of-a-kind course goes beyond teaching language and helps to develop every aspect of children’s learning. By engaging their imagination and promoting intellectual and physical development, Doodle Town gives young learners the tools to succeed both now and in their future education.

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Fast Track 5 (Third Edition) - EF Education First Limited

Fast Track 5 is the first in a new series of course books for younger learners aged 14-17 on short immersion EFL courses. The course comprises a student’s book, teacher’s book and website bringing authentic video and audio content plus interactive group activities into the classroom. The course syllabus includes 21st Century Skills and works to empower students to find their voice and participate in the world around them. Fast Track 5 is the pilot C1-level of a course that follows levels A1-C1 of the CEFR. Differentiation through the teacher’s book offers teachers support tailoring lessons to different proficiency levels.

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Get Set, Go! Phonics - Oxford University Press

Get Set, Go! Phonics takes a new approach to developing pre-school children’s phonological awareness and phonics knowledge. Important phonics skills are systematically acquired using the ‘Oxford 5 Steps towards Successful Phonics Learning’, developed specifically for the series. This approach helps children learn progressively—starting from counting syllables in Level 1, learning to identify onsets and rhymes at Level 2, and acquiring blending and segmenting skills at Level 3. Stories, chants, songs and games are used to build phonics skills, while nurturing learners’ confidence in skills essential for English language learning. The series also fully supports home learning.

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Orbit is a five-level ELT series for primary school students that aims both at teaching English and developing learners’ cognitive and socioemotional competences. The series presents topics and questions that stimulate students’ curiosity, engage them in the stories and activities proposed and promote creative thinking, empathy, cooperation, resilience, openness to experience, self-confidence etc.

Its engaging plot centers around a ferret and children embarking on adventures that take place in multicultural environments. It adds to the series objective by encouraging students to actively participate in the process of searching for answers in a global society, thus helping them become active global citizens.

Perspectives - National Geographic Learning

Perspectives is a four-level series that teaches learners to think critically and to develop the language skills they need to find their own voice in English. The carefully-guided language lessons, real-world stories, and TED Talks motivate learners to think creatively and communicate effectively. In Perspectives, learners develop an open mind, a critical eye and a clear voice in English.

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Wider World – Pearson with The British Broadcasting Corporation

A global, 4-level secondary course for teenagers produced in partnership with Pearson and the BBC. Print components are mixed with a rich multimedia package that includes authentic, BBC Culture Videos and Vox Pops videos, selected and produced specially to motivate teenage learners.

The course provides authentic exposure to language and communications skills, through an interactive approach to learning and provides reliable language development. Wider World equips learners with the skills and confidence to participate as educated citizens in the global community of the 21st Century.

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