Essential English - Oxford University Press

Essential English is a language learning service, available completely free of charge through the Free Basics by Facebook platform. For communities without affordable data connections Free Basics provides free mobile internet access. By utilising this platform, Essential English provides high quality learning resources to users who have been unable to access Oxford materials previously. Currently containing a phrasebook and covering a range of topics, Essential English features and content will be expanded based on feedback from users, allowing it to match their needs exactly.

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Learn Languages with Ruby Rei – Wibbu

Ruby Rei is a language-learning adventure game. To be used in classrooms, students join Ruby as she crash-lands on a forgotten planet at the edge of the universe. Embarking on an education epic to save her friends and return home, Ruby must negotiate, collaborate, empathise, and build relationships.

Based on the proven technique of incidental learning, the game engages and energises students with a cliffhanger-laden story, loveable characters, beautiful visuals, engaging voice acting, and exciting gameplay.

“This is absolutely amazing! We've tried so many other products and I found that the kids ended up banging their heads on the table because it just wasn't interactive enough. But with Ruby Rei, my students can really enjoy learning a language. It doesn't feel like work for them. It feels like fun for them. And that's what learning a language should be - fun.” RACHEL W, Middle School ELL Teacher, Florida, USA

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RoyalABC - Prosper Education Pty Ltd

RoyalABC is a global education provider for the early childhood learning sector that connects teachers and students to a dynamic language learning ecosystem of English language, 21st Century skills and Growth Mindset education. Using our purpose designed intuitive teacher platform, teachers can simply manage their lesson planning, broadcast content, schedule homework, report to parents, complete admin and comprehensively deliver the RoyalABC curriculum to children aged 4 - 6. RoyalABC’s Teacher Dashboard simplifies lesson planning and delivery and gives teachers the time to connect with their students in the classroom. The at home learning app allows parents and children to celebrate the learning journey together in an immersive 3D world of challenge based play that reinforces the language and phonics from the classroom.

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Study Legal English - Study Legal English

Study Legal English provides the world’s first legal English podcast, combining existing and new technologies with functionality and ease of use, making it an innovator in the ESL for specific purposes sector. The free podcasts can be accessed from the website and all major podcast apps. Podcast Pro Members can access further online learning materials including synchronised transcripts, the ‘speak module’ and vocabulary lists. Gamified quizzes make learning fun and allow Podcast Pro Members to earn badges and certificates.

The podcast has a listenership of around 2000 per month in over 91 countries and features in the Best Legal English Podcast list by Player.FM.

Founder & Producer Louise Kulbicki, previously recognised as an innovator by the Carnegie Council for her international environmental law work is now combining her creativity with her legal and English teaching experience to help lawyers around the world improve their legal English.

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Tri Pro English Website & Mobile Apps - Tri Pro English

Tri Pro English is a project which grew from teachers responding directly to the learning needs of their students by creating free, high quality web-based resources. Soon, the resources were being used by students and teachers all over Spain, and the team developed affordable, five star rated listening apps to further support their users. The format is purposely simple: audio and drop down menus, allow students to check that they understand first the questions they are being asked, they can then check and read both the text and the answers.

Praise for Tri Pro English apps:

“In my opinion it’s the best application I’ve found to practice listening” Natalia Rodriguez Gonzalo

“It’s a perfect app for practicing listening of different levels” Christina Rodriguez

“Thank you truly for the app, from a fail in the listening to a pass in this sitting of the exam” Francis Ruiz

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