The  ELTons 2009 awards ceremony, sponsored by Cambridge ESOL, took place on 4 March in London, marking the seventh year of the prestigious awards. The winners in the UK and International categories were nominated by an expert panel of judges. Lord Neil Kinnock, Chairman of the British Council at that time, presented the awards.

UK category winners

Magazines Plus (Mary Glasgow Magazines - Sarah Johnson, Sarah Bromley, Peter Mahnke)
An online English environment where 11-18 year-old language learners can use English for real, meaningful communication. Students use social networking to chat with other learners of their age and can share opinions on news stories written at their language level of English.
Judge's comments: “I am particularly impressed with how the kids interact online. The general sense of the site is not about accurate use of language but using English just as a tool for young people to chat with each other”. (Jamie Keddie)
A non-commercial project that aims to explore the possibilities that video sharing sites offer to language teachers and learners.
Judge's comments: “Some very engaging videos selected and varied useful lesson materials. An excellent resource to bring into the classroom”.

Aviation English (Macmillan Education - Anna Cowper, Andy Roberts, Henry Emery, James Greenan)
The course presents language, vocabulary and communication skills around 12 non-routine aviation situations.  It coaches students to react fluently, clearly, and, most importantly, intelligibly.
Judge's comments: “Well-structured and extremely well-written course for pilots and air traffic controllers. I liked how it was topic based with a language development section at the end of each unit”.

International category winner

English Language Textbooks for Mongolian Secondary Schools (English Language Teachers' Association of Mongolia  - ELTAM - Ulziijargal Sanjaasuren and the Curriculum Development and Textbook Writing Team)
This is the first English language course book series for Mongolian secondary schools and consists of 18 books (Student’s Books, Activity Books, Teacher’s Books) covering 6 levels.
Judge's comments: “The organisation is simple and effective. The contents are clear. The topics are interesting and fun. It does a sound job”.

The 2009 shortlisted entries were:
Jamie Keddie

Sound Choice – Play it by Ear
Cambridge English Online

EduNation-SecondLifeTraining Space
The Consultants-E
Mary Glasgow Magazine

Aviation English
Macmillan Education

Kid’s Box Interactive DVD
Cambridge University Press

Pronunciation Tips
BBC Learning English
Pearson Education

Professional English Online
Cambridge University Press

Face Up to Phrasals
BBC Learning English
Teachit (UK) Ltd.

Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus
Oxford University Press

Learn English by Cooking
Szkola Jezyka Angieslkeigo-Program Bell (Poland)

English Language Textbooks for Mongolian Secondary Schools
English Language Teachers 'Association of Mongolia (ELTAM)

Enrich Your English
Avon Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Life Skills 1
Shahnaz Bahman (Bahrain)

Lexitronics (Cyprus)

The Language Teacher’s Survival Handbook
iT's Magazines (Spain)