Twelve products were shortlisted from a wide range of UK-based entries. In addition, two international awards, offered by the English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS), were given for teachers working across borders on English language projects. Susan Bassnett, of the University of Warwick was the guest presenter at the ceremony which took place at the Delfina gallery.


UK Category winners

'The Cambridge Grammar of English' CD-ROM and book (Cambridge University Press – Alison Sharpe, Professor Ronald Carter and Professor Michael McCarthy)
The Cambridge Grammar of English is a major new reference grammar for any serious learner or user of the English language. Using ground-breaking language research, it offers clear explanations of spoken and written English based on real everyday usage. The accompanying CD-ROM makes the book even more accessible with the whole book in handy, searchable format; audio recordings of all example sentences and utterances from the book; links to Cambridge Dictionaries; online for instant definitions of new vocabulary.
Judges Comment: 'User-friendly and practical, I do not doubt it would be a highly effective resource for English language teachers and learners alike'.

'Language Gardening' CD-ROM (Language Garden - David Warr) 
Language Plants are colourful, grammatical materials. They take the best bits of Mind Maps, collocation and grammar boxes, and incorporate syntax structure. Language plants are both beautiful and useful - a lovely alliance. Imagine a tree, its branches, composed of words, spreading out. You're imagining a language plant and now they're interactive! This CD, Language Gardening, uses language plants extensively. It is fully interactive, with a myriad of different activities, suitable for all ages. There are 4 levels, from post-beginner to upper-intermediate, and over 120 hours of teaching material. Each lesson focuses on a syntax structure. Listen to a poem, then complete a drag and drop gapfill, like a jigsaw puzzle made of language; colour words; become involved with the language; even make your own plants.
Judges Comment:'Beautifully designed and a real original way of using technology to promote effective use the lexical approach and language chunking.'

'ICT in the Classroom' online course (The Consultants-E – Nicky Hockly and Gavin Dudeney)
The Consultants-E ‘ICT in the Classroom’ online course aims to provide teachers with practical, hands-on experience of how to start using ICT (Information and Communications Technology) in their own teaching. The course looks at a range of useful technology-related skills and tools which are immediately applicable in the classroom. The course runs entirely online in Moodle, over a period of 10 weeks (total 50 hours). Participants learn to use current ICT tools, such as social bookmarking, blogs, WebQuests, text and audio chat, wikis, and podcasting. The course is hands-on, and directly related to classroom practice - participants produce and share short plans to use these ICT tools with their own classes, throughout the course.
Judges Comment: 'The internet delivery is well thought out and I thought teachers taking the course would be equipped with a good set of techniques for using ICT in innovative and lively ways.'

British Council ELTECS Winners

The English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS) gives teachers of English worldwide access to information about UK expertise as well as professional development opportunities in their regions. In 2006, ELTeCS supported 16 teachers projects.  The ELTeCS Innovation Awards 2007, for the best two teachers projects, were presented for:

Critical Literacy and ELT: global issues and citizenship education (Team leader: Chris Lima, Brazil)
Regional workshops in Brazil and Peru for teachers of English on Critical Literacy and ELT - how critical literacy can be used in the language classroom, in teacher education and in materials development. Participants’ perceptions and contributions were published in a booklet called ‘A Brief Introduction to Critical Literacy in English Language Education’ and also resulted in a companion forum and website.
Judges Comment: 'I was impressed by the scope, focus, potential for sustainability and the wider impact of the project. It was innovative in terms of content, approach and its products.'

Exploiting authentic materials for English language teaching (Team leaders: Kamal Kumari Bhandari (Timilsina), Nepal and Athar Munir Siddiqui, Pakistan)
A series of workshops for teachers of English in rural areas in Nepal and Pakistan - training teachers in resource-poor contexts how they can use authentic materials to enliven their teaching and engage their students. The ultimate objective was to provide learners with trained teachers who will motivate them to use readily available resources for ongoing language and development.
Judges Comment: 'This project won warm praise from its teacher trainees.  As rural teachers they mostly lack in-service training opportunities and access to new ideas. This project gave them confidence as well as inspiration.'

The runner up entries were:

'The Longmans Exams Dictionary' CD-Rom and book
Pearson Longman
'Gapfillers' Website for advanced learners
RLI Language Services
'English Language Teaching For Primary Sector' Teacher training pack
Mark Krzanowski, Prithvi Narayan Shrestha and William McCurry
'Lippy & Messy ABC' Multimedia course for young learners 
Bell Krakow - Wojciech Graniczewski, Ramon Shindler and Barbara Wojciechowska
'Seminar Skills 2: Discussions' - CD-Rom 
University of Warwick
'Splendid speaking' Online self-study course
Splendid Learning (a division of Flo-Joe)
'Intelligent Business' 3 Level business English course
Pearson Longman
'Blockbuster' course 
Express Publishing
'Footprints For Early Years' CD-Rom for interactive whiteboards
Promethean Technologies Group – Alan Walker, Julia Glass