The Eltons were awarded at a ceremony at the Delfina Gallery, South East London on 2 March. The evening brought together innovators from the ELT industry.

There were three categories of awards:

   1.    UK ELT industry
   2.    English Language Teaching Teaching Contact Scheme (ELTeCS)
   3.    British Council Teaching Centres and Exams

UK ELT industry winners

'Teachers Exploring Tasks' book (University of Birmingham & Aston University - Corony Edwards & Jane Willis)
Teachers Exploring Tasks' is an innovative collection of thematically related 'classroom exploration' articles, prepared for language teachers by language teachers. This rich resource of varied classroom experience encourages readers to use more tasks in their own lessons, giving insights into ways in which tasks can be designed, adapted and implemented in a range of teaching contexts.
One reader described it as 'a great example of using small-scale projects to investigate aspects of the class you are teaching, demonstrating how teachers can give back to the academic community.  I would recommend it to any teacher of English as a foreign language starting out or looking for a cure to feeling burnt out'.
'Bugs' - Multi-media course (Macmillan Education - Carol Read, Ana Soberon, Maria Toth and Elisenda Papiol)
Bugs is a six-level primary English course, providing an exciting package of fully-integrated book and multimedia components including: Pupil's Book, Activity Book, Teacher's File, Teacher's Photocopiable Resources, Flashcards, Storycards, Wordcards, Class Audio CD, Songs CD, CD-ROM, DVD + Activity Book, Website resources. 
This material is visually very attractive to pupils who learn English with the help of loveable characters like Colin the Caterpillar and The Bugs Band, guiding children through a variety of adventure and detective stories, as well as stories based on real lives and events. There are links with other areas of the primary school curriculum, ensuring that children learn a wide range of skills which contribute to their overall development and education.
'English Language Cultural Experience' course (Camden College of English - Stuart Rubenstein, Greta Grinfield, Sally McCrae, Emma Fisher)
Walk into any room in the British Museum and you come face to face with a unit in a course book. A topic, things to read, a bit of listening, something for students to prepare a presentation or write a report on… real language everywhere. There is no need to sit in the same chair every day and face a board or look at the photos in a book. English Language Cultural Experience is 3-D learning.
Using only materials designed by teachers at Camden College of English, students study General English in a different museum or gallery each day. Every lesson becomes a memorable learning experience meaning students can learn more and make the most of a short stay in London. Students who took this course in 2005 were asked if they would recommend it to a friend. 100% said “YES” in their feedback.
The ELTeCS innovation awards
Writing in the Classroom in East Africa (Fredrick Odhiambo, Kenya) 
A regional workshop for teachers of English on teaching of writing in the classroom and curriculum review in East Africa - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

ELT Materials for the Madaris in East Asia (Janet Fernandez, Philippines)
A workshop for teachers of English and imams on developing  culturally-sensitive materials for the Madaris (Arabic schools) in East Asia - Indonesia and Phillipines.  

British Council teaching centres and exams award

Practise your pronunciation - A self-study pronunciation programme with the British Council Thailand - volume 2 (Anthony Sheridan and Budsaprapat Thatavakorn, British Council, Bangkok).