Interactive Phonemic Chart - The Service Communications Cooperative Ltd with Morley College London

This is a new and free online tool: an interactive phonemic chart with audio and video options for each of the 44 phonemes. We were inspired by online audio phonemic charts currently available and felt that a visual explanation could really help to raise awareness about how sounds are made. It is user-friendly product, meant as a reference tool to encourage non-English speakers to focus on pronunciation, both in the classroom and in the privacy of their own home. We have had very positive feedback since launching it in June and would like you to consider it for an award.

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Learning English: English for Health and Social Care Workers - Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd

English for Health and Social Care Workers is a ten-unit course book which provides learners with an excellent working knowledge of medical terms, different medications and equipment, colloquial terms used by service users and policies and procedures used in the care environment as well as improving their spoken communication, vocabulary, grammar and report writing skills. It corresponds to the B1 level of the CEFR and can be used in the classroom or for independent study. Audio and answers are provided online.

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LearnMatch - VE Vision Education GmbH

LearnMatch (release 4/2017) is a vocabulary trainer which is based on the successful app phase6. In addition to the benefits of spaced repetition, corpus-driven content, appealing images, audio files and model sentences, LearnMatch adds unique elements of social learning and gamification to promote both motivation and engagement. In the process, it transforms solitary study into a social learning experience. After periods of self-study, learners play 'vocabulary matches' with friends in real time. The rewards for this co-learning come not only in the form of league rankings, leaderboards and so on, but also as bonus material when certain levels are reached.

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Tim's Pronunciation Workshop - BBC Learning English

A series of 30 short, entertaining online videos, Tim's Pronunciation Workshop helps English learners of all nationalities to improve their pronunciation by highlighting and raising awareness of features of connected speech. Each episode explores a specific feature of pronunciation, such as elision, assimilation, weak forms and more. Tim explains these via a range of digital techniques including slow-motion, text-on-screen, native speaker vox-pops - and Tim's twin brother, 'Tom', puts in an occasional appearance! Practice opportunities are provided via text-supported native speaker models and we end on a visual summary. Further practice and extension opportunities are available as interactive online activities.

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Wordable - Playlingo Ltd. with Cambridge University Press

For many learners, vocabulary learning is a grind. There are thousands of words and it’s easy to forget words as you learn new ones. Wordable is a new mobile game designed to tackle this motivation problem in a fun quiz-style game where learners compete with friends to see who is the fastest to learn new English words.

Wordable combines social gaming’s motivational power with serious learning that blends Cambridge Dictionary content, a word memorisation technology and research-proven ELT techniques such as high frequency words, bilingual/L2 practice, spaced repetition and active recall learning. The goal ¬– to make vocabulary learning fun, social and effective.

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