English in a Minute - BBC Learning English

English In A Minute is a series of informative, entertaining, one-minute videos to help clarify commonly confused areas of the English language. Each episode focuses on the key points of grammar or vocabulary that learners have difficulty with. Topics include:

  • The difference between ‘rise’ and ‘raise’
  • 5 ways to use ‘actually’
  • ‘Fun’ versus ‘funny’

The videos, presented by experienced ELT teachers, combine engaging and energetic presentation styles with on-screen texts, visuals and props.

Popular on social media platforms, audiences appreciate having a clear and concise practical learning outcome in just sixty seconds. The on-screen texts supplement learning by aiding visual learners and enabling viewers to watch without sound, making them ideal entertainment while commuting to school or work. Learners can also participate in online discussions using the language in meaningful contexts, which reinforces learning and provides much-needed practice for those studying alone in their countries. 
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Falar (inglês) é Fácil - Contraponto editors with Cristina Ferreira, English Exam Centre, and Cambridge Assessment English

Top TV personality and head of a media and fashion business empire, Cristina Ferreira is recognised as the most influential woman in Portugal. In her bestselling autobiography, however, she identifies her low level of English as her Achilles heel. This strikes a chord with her millions of adult fans who share the same problem.

With help from language experts, Cristina turns her handicap into another opportunity and shows that it’s never too late to learn a language. Not only does she decide to improve her confidence speaking English, she also commits to taking a Cambridge English exam to prove that her celebrity status does not make her less dedicated or willing to learn.

This book’s aim is to inspire and motivate adult learners to follow her example and engage them in English learning through an innovative combination of personal reflections on her learning journey and practical language exercises.

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Pearson English Readers, Marvel series - Pearson English

Bringing thrilling super hero action to the English classroom!

From the Marvel’s Iron Man and Captain America, to the Guardians of the Galaxy, these Readers feature the world’s best-loved and most iconic super heroes. Carefully simplified language makes these epic stories accessible to learners, motivating them through page-turning thrills as they develop their English. Based on some of the most popular movies of recent years, Marvel Readers appeal to both adult and teenage learners looking for an action-packed educational experience. 

  • Stunning graphics and dynamic film stills enhance the action on the page
  • Available with or without full audio CD, and as an ebook (with integrated audio) to suit different classroom applications and learner preferences
  • Comprehensive teacher’s notes and photocopiable resources available for each title.

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Ready to Run: Authentic ELT video for language schools and teachers – Digital Learning Associates ltd.

ELT providers are constantly searching for authentic videos and inspiring video-led learning materials, but it can be hard to find graded resources with natural speech and appropriate commentary that you can use anywhere, any time. Not any more. 

Ready to Run is a brand-new series of engaging and authentic graded videos for English Language Teaching. We’ve taken the best of broadcast, vloggers, and other media content to develop effective and entertaining learning resources available on demand through a single platform.

  • Tailor-made:  each video has been made using authentic video content in line with the CEFR framework with level-specific lexical foci.
  • Diverse: Diverse: Ready to Run tells real-world stories aligned to ELT topics exposing learners to natural language in a range of contemporary video styles.
  • User friendly: all the videos come with supporting materials including full teacher guides, student handouts, transcripts and English language closed captions.

Ready to Run offers learners the latest ELT materials while also supporting CLIL and 21st Century Skills. It is available to schools for streaming delivery and for publishers to distribute inside courses.

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Stories Without End: 24 Open-Ended Stories to Engage Students in Reading, Discussion and Creative Writing - Alphabet Publishing

Stories Without End: 24 Open-Ended Stories to Engage Students in Reading, Discussion, and Creative Writing gets students reading with intriguing short stories that make them think and wonder. What if we could teleport anywhere in the world? Will robots ever replace human teachers? Where does our personality come from?

Stories Without End also gets students writing. Because the stories have no endings, students create their own. Each story is also supported with comprehension questions, vocabulary activities, and discussion prompts, as well as a variety of creative projects. Students will find themselves writing about one particular character, illustrating a scene, interviewing people about the theme of the story, or keeping a dream journal.

It's perfect for teaching reading skills, creative writing, and leading discussions. And it’s flexible enough to be used as the main book for an elective, or as a supplemental activity in class. Sure to be a class favorite!

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