EF Immersion Challenge - EF Education First Limited

The world is your classroom with EF Immersion challenge. Using the power of their own mobiles to get students using real language on their stay abroad, EF Immersion Challenge combines language learning, cultural immersion & technology.
Teachers customise challenges to create structured competitive activities their students work through outside the class independently, supported by our chatbot. Later, back in class teams discuss and compare answers, presenting their work on the big screen.

Research shows that up to 70% of language learning happens outside the classroom. EF Immersion Challenge helps to structure and direct this learning to CEFR objectives maximising learning time abroad.

Since its launch in March 2018 EF’s teachers have built up a library of over 260 challenges covering cultural exploration, research challenges, interview tasks, discussion topics and more.

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FlashAcademy® EAL - FlashAcademy® (Learning Labs Ltd)

FlashAcademy® EAL is a new platform for schools, supporting teachers to deliver learning for pupils who don’t have English as their first language. The platform can be used on smartphone, tablet and PC; and teaches English from over 30 different home languages.

FlashAcademy® accelerates English language acquisition through curriculum mapped lessons, challenges and games which simultaneously teach and test pupils. All progress is monitored through a comprehensive teacher dashboard.

'I would wholeheartedly recommend FlashAcademy® to other schools with any kind of EAL challenge. It has literally revolutionised my department as far as I’m concerned. FlashAcademy® has immediately enabled the individually tailored learning that we were seeking for our pupils with EAL, helping to meet the learning needs of each child, across all of the home languages at the school.' Hollie O’Sullivan, Head of EAL, Great Barr Academy

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Go Correct - Big Languages

Go Correct is a messenger-based chat bot product that provides a simple way for a student to speak or write English every day and find out what mistakes they make. It is aimed at adult learners who have taken lessons and now need an opportunity to practise what they have learnt.

Students receive a daily conversation question through a messaging app. Their reply is corrected by a qualified teacher. They can click on any of their mistakes for a further explanation and see statistics about the types of mistake they make most often.

Other English practice apps use impersonal quizzes or flashcards, without context. Students using Go Correct receive personal attention from a real teacher and can talk about their own life and opinions.

It helps students ‘unlearn’ typical mistakes and increase their fluency and confidence. It is appropriate for students of intermediate (B1) level and above.

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Laureate English Level 1 and Level 2 Simulations - Laureate Education with Alelo Inc.

Laureate Education and Alelo have partnered to create Laureate English, a new kind of learning experience for English language learners (ELLs). Artificial intelligence (AI) technology helps learners improve their speaking skills and helps teachers teach more effectively. Think of it as a kind of teacher’s aide.

Learners develop their verbal communication skills through realistic conversations with simulated native English speakers, aligned with Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) can-do statements. Laureate English runs on Alelo's Enskill platform. Enskill’s combination of automated assessment, practice, and personalized feedback helps learners achieve mastery quickly and maintain it over time.

'Enskill simulation is a great education tool that helps students practice speaking in real-life situations.'

'Alelo was pretty fun and groundbreaking. We have never seen such a tool and it has great potential to help students learn English. Innovation is the key today!'

'I think this is awesome, I see the future.'

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Undercover English - BBC Learning English

Aimed at English language learners from Thailand, Undercover English is a series of short, entertaining videos which explore real-life, practical English interactions taking place in the UK.

In each episode, Sian visits a different location, such as a cafe, the cinema, or a food stall, and films the authentic, functional conversations that take place with members of staff with a discreet camera on a pair of glasses and a small microphone. Back in the studio, Sian and Clare then analyse these interactions, focussing on relevant language features for learners. In particular, they highlight features of natural, spoken English and how they differ from the language taught in a coursebook, and explore aspects of connected speech and elision to aid learners' listening comprehension.

The spy theme music and visuals help engage and entertain viewers and the on-screen texts provide a clear written reference of the language explored in each episode. 

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