Taking responsibility for own professional development

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Keith Harding talks about different types of continuing professional development.

Keith Harding discusses who can benefit from continuing professional development.

Philida Schellekens provides an introduction and feedback on a debate about the state of ESOL teaching and learning in the UK. September 2011, London.

Phil Bird and Mike Harrison talk about online continuing professional development opportunities. Spring 2011.

Find out about websites which provide information and resources relating to CPD from other related fields.


This publication consists of papers written by Brazilian ELT teachers and teacher educators between 2001 and 2010 as part of their Masters studies in the UK, as beneficiaries of the British Council Brazil and the Hornby Trust Scholarship.

Watch two teachers talk about starting out in English language teaching.

Alex, Ruth, and Lauren talk about professional development early on in their career as English language teachers.

Seb, Beverley, and Asa talk about their teaching career so far and how to develop further as teachers.

Lindsay, a diploma qualified teacher, talks about her career and professional development.


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