Lindsay Keith, a diploma qualified teacher, talks about her work and professional development as an English language teacher at a language school in the UK. 

You may have some of these characteristics:

  • You have a TEFL-Q diploma qualification in ELT/TEFL (newly or well-established)
  • You demonstrate confidence, competence, versatility and independence in your teaching
  • You are willing to take on special responsibilities
  • You have strengths in teaching in special areas
  • You have solid experience across ELT
  • You have a strong understanding of teaching principles and pedagogical practice
  • You are active in your own CPD and are looking for ways to further and consolidate your skills through relevant training and other CPD activity.

If you are aiming to continue as a teacher, deepening and expanding your skills, here are some ideas for continuing professional development: 

  • Take a Masters
  • Become an examiner
  • Mentor less experienced teachers
  • Be active in groups related to your specialism.

Alternatively you may be aiming to move on into another role, including:

  • Teacher training
  • EAP, tertiary, academia
  • Management
  • Materials development.

You may need to develop in these areas:

  • Management skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Self-awareness and reflection
  • Mentoring skills – working with less-experienced teachers
  • Running CPD sessions
  • Observation skills
  • DOS skills
  • CELTA training skills
  • Keeping up with new developments across ELT
  • Developing a strong personal leaning network (PLN).