Seb, Beverley, and Asa talk about their teaching career so far and how to develop further as teachers.

Seb, ESOL Teacher
Beverley, Legal Training Consultant
Asa, CELTA qualified Teacher

If you have been teaching for a few years, you may have some of the following experience and qualifications:

  • You have a TEFLI certificate in ELT/TESOL
  • You have taught a variety of learners, levels and materials
  • You have general experience of the EFL environment
  • You may have taught overseas as well as in the UK.

You are beginning the process of dealing with the issues that arise in mid- and later career: of sustaining your own development and responding to changes in your context and profession. You may have some of these needs and goals:

  • Starting a TEFL-Q course
  • Developing teaching skills further
  • Continuing to do a job you find satisfying and enjoyable
  • Expanding teaching experience into different areas
  • Increasing specialisation in ELT – young learners, business or another area.

You may also need to develop in some of these areas:

  • Plan regular involvement in CPD
  • Ability to reflect and self-analyse
  • Organisation skills
  • Resource development
  • Time management
  • Relationship/people management.

Your main way of developing at this stage is to start a TEFL-Q course. It is also possible that some TEFL Masters courses are relevant at this stage. Here are some other ideas for how to develop further:

  • Extra training in specific areas
  • Develop your knowledge and skills of English
  • Participate in more events and networks with other teachers
  • Get to know more resources for teaching English
  • Experiment with new teaching ideas, methods and resources
  • Observe TEFL-Q qualified teachers
  • Learn about and develop your own strengths and interests
  • Develop a specialisation in an area of ELT.