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Find out more about what supporting and mentoring teachers involves. You can also try out some reflective tasks to develop your mentoring skills.

In this webinar recording, Nelson Arditto and Nora Touparlaki explored ways of making mentoring programmes successful.

In this webinar we aim to discuss the recent increased interest in teacher research engagement by English language teachers and the need for teacher research mentoring that can and should be offered to teachers.

This webinar recording is aimed at teacher educators who are involved in mentoring. The presenter, Doina Fleanta, explores the skill of 'noticing'.

In this webinar recording, Sarah Priestley looks at key steps and effective tools to use when mentoring and supporting teachers.

Alison Barrett MBE, Global Head of the British Council’s English for Education Systems programmes, explores the concept of continuing professional development frameworks and suggests practical ways for policymakers, head teachers, teacher trainers and teachers to improve professional development.

This book is a collection of essays written by  teachers and academics working and researching in contexts where Native English-Speaking Teachers (NESTs) are employed and work on a daily basis with Local English Teachers (LETs). A range of perspectives are explored, such as the daily practices of LETs and NESTs; how LETs and NESTs can work together; as well as issues pertaining to the employment of NESTs. This unique, insightful and challenging collection provides a thought-provoking read.

This guide looks at how to promote a positive attitude towards peer observation and a shared sense of collaboration, which will in turn enhance the satisfaction and performance of individual teachers and teaching teams.

This guide provides valuable information and suggestions on how to make formal observations effective and useful.

In this article Tessa Woodward explores ways to keep on developing as a teacher trainer and looks at how and why we should try to improve our training repertoire.


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