This workshop by Chris Tribble and Ursula Wingate presents a genre/corpus informed EAP writing programme for MA students. Following a brief overview of the theoretical and practical bases of the writing development programme Chris Tribble and Ursula Wingate share examples of the teaching materials they are using and give participants an opportunity to experience how the programme is delivered to students. The workshop finishes with a discussion of practical issues related to the design and implementation of this kind of writing development programme.
Dr Christopher Tribble is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics at King's College, London University. He has a long-standing research and teaching interest in written communication and the use of corpora in ELT. His publications include Writing in the OUP Teacher Education series edited by Candlin and Widdowson, and Textual Patterns: key words and corpus analysis in language education with Benjamins. He's also a documentary photographer for arts, humanitarian, and charity organisations. Find out more on his website.
Dr Ursula Wingate is a Lecturer in Language in Education at King’s College London. Among her research interests are students’ transition from school to university, theoretical and pedagogic approaches to teaching academic writing, and online teaching and learning. Ursula has recently completed a research project funded by the Centre of Distance Education, University of London, investigating the impact of academic writing interventions for students in distance education. Previous projects have focussed on online and embedded models of teaching writing in various disciplines.