How often have your learners said something like: "A doctor should know how to deal with his patients” or “A policeman’s job is to catch criminals”? Particularly for teachers working with learners who have a grammatically gendered first language, this “sexist” or gendered language can be very common, even at higher levels. However, for many proficient speakers of English, this language usage is at best awkward and at worst offensive. This webinar examines gender-neutral language and discusses why the teaching of gender-neutral language should be an important element of the ELT classroom. It also provides practical examples as to how teachers can integrate teaching of this aspect into their own syllabuses.

Date: Wednesday 8 March 2017. 

About the speaker

Jemma Prior has been teaching English to undergraduate students in Italy since 1998. When she’s not busy teaching, she’s writing her PhD thesis on syllabus design for ESP university courses. Her research interests include syllabus design, discourse analysis (particularly related to gendered and non-gendered language) and cognitive approaches to language teaching and learning.

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