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This webinar explores some of the learner’s difficulties with reading and suggests practical strategies and techniques for teachers who want to support struggling readers and improve their reading comprehension.

Find out more about what the professional practice 'Demonstrating effective teaching behaviour' involves. You can also try out some practical and reflective tasks to develop this professional practice.

In this article Karen Waterston discusses the importance of analysing exactly what is going on in the classroom, in order to help teachers adopt new teaching practices and techniques.

This study explores how metacognitive knowledge and strategy training may support and enhance language proficiency across cultures.

This report recognises both the arguments for education to be in a familiar language and the demand for English.

This handbook offers a set of activities that teachers have tried out in their Indian school classrooms with children of 8 to 14 years of age.

This publication brings together a range of innovative ideas for teaching creatively while raising awareness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

In this webinar recording from Wednesday 24 May, Martina Limburg Loučková, language teacher and teacher trainer, presents the Mooveez app and explores various ways of learning and teaching English through films. The Mooveez app was winner of the 2016 British Council ELTon award for Digital Innovation.

In this step-by-step task, we look at what classroom action research is and how to get started.

This step-by-step task looks at how to set up a research circle with colleagues. 

This webinar recording examines gender-neutral language and discusses why the teaching of gender-neutral language should be an important element of the ELT classroom. It also provides practical examples as to how teachers can integrate teaching of this aspect into their own syllabuses. 

This training session is aimed at teachers working with young learners and looks at the topic of e-safety.


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