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Kirsten Holt discusses three key stages to networking through a series of simple steps and tips to help the uninitiated develop their networking skills.

The British Council’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Framework for teacher educators is a guide to the professional development of all those involved in the education and training of teachers.

This guide looks at how to promote a positive attitude towards peer observation and a shared sense of collaboration, which will in turn enhance the satisfaction and performance of individual teachers and teaching teams.

Andy Hockley explains all about The International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM), including the history, the syllabus, how participants are assessed and why it is a qualification worth pursuing.

Jenny Johnson discusses several useful ways to keep on developing and growing as an English language teaching professional.

Andy Hockley looks at how the digital world is affecting learning and the way we manage education. He provides some useful advice on what to consider and how to plan for online education management.

Liam Brown looks at how learning in the workplace can be used to support manager development.

In this article, Andy Hockley looks at the support networks available for academic managers in English Language Teaching.


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