This Resource Pack provides practical activities for teachers. While primarily for use in Latin America, the pack can be adapted to suit other international contexts, as a tool for understanding other cultures and promoting reflection in order to avoid cultural bias and challenge stereotypes.

This pack represents the outcome of a project proposal started at the Hornby Summer School, Brazil 2006. It was funded by the British Council/ELTeCS Scheme and developed by Andrea Morgado de Matos, Andrea Assenti del Rio, Nahir Aparicio, Sergio Mobilia and Teresa Martins.

It is intended to promote social awareness in Latin American students and teachers by encouraging social and cultural diversity through ethnographic study, which takes account of communication and interaction. It promotes critical cultural awareness by engaging students and teachers in critical readings of culture. The pack is divided into five sections:

Section one -  The Learner as Ethnographer
Section two – Cultural Values and Attitudes
Section three – Challenging Stereotypes
Section four – Critical Readings of Culture
Section five –  The Media.

Activities in each section contain a teacher’s note page and the activities page and specify a particular target group, level and age. Lessons are based on Latin American ethnographic study which represents an innovation to the Latin American ELT field. They engage students in a cross-cultural reflection for the purpose of learning English as a language of international and intercultural communication.

This publication is free to download.

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