The British Council and EAQUALS have joined together to create a core curriculum inventory for the English language based around key language points for each level, including grammar, vocabulary, discourse markers and functions. This booklet is of interest to anyone involved in curriculum development.

The intention of this inventory, published in 2010, is to make the CEFR accessible to teachers and adult learners of General English. It is an attempt to answer the question put by many teachers over the years of what to teach at each CEFR level. It maps the communality of interpretation of the CEFR for English in terms of curriculum content for 16+ learners. The aim is not to tell teachers what to teach or to prescribe a particular teaching methodology. The main project aims are outlined below:

To make the CEFR tangible and provide support and guidance for teachers and syllabus designers
The question has often been raised as to what the CEFR levels mean in terms of classroom aims. The Inventory represents the core of English language relevant at CEFR levels A1 to C1. It can thus facilitate defining objectives, writing syllabuses and planning courses. 

To make the teaching/planning process more transparent
Learners can sometimes find it hard to understand the aim of a particular activity, lesson or indeed course, and its connection to real world needs. The Inventory will assist learners in the process of realising their language learning ambitions by helping them to focus on the different aspects of the language which need to be mastered for progress to be made. It also offers a structure for negotiations between teachers and learners on course content. 

To provide support for self-directed study
The Inventory can be used as a guide to essential language for self-directed study. The Core Inventory has been created with teachers and learners in mind. Each language point appears at the level(s) at which it is considered of most relevance to the learner in the classroom.

The Core Inventory is free to download.

Core Inventory posters for levels A1- C1 of the CEFR are also free to download.