English Next was commissioned by the British Council and written by researcher David Graddol. Published in 2006, it builds on the analysis given in a report written by David Graddol for the British Council in 1997 called 'The Future of English?'. It explores some trends in the use of English worldwide and its changing relationships with other languages. The book does not attempt to provide a complete ‘state of the art’ account of global English. It outlines developments which seem to be driving changes to the international and national status of the English language.
The report argues that we are already in a new kind of environment and a new phase in the global development of English. What are the new rules and who will be the winners and who will be the losers? David Graddol suggests some of the answers by analysing demographic and economic trends in the Twenty First-Century which affect Global English and language policies worldwide and will influence its future. The anticipation of possible shifts in demand provided by this study provides a useful basis for planning to meet the eventualities of what could be a very different operating environment in a decade’s time.

About the author
David Graddol is a British applied linguist, well known as a writer, broadcaster, researcher and consultant on issues relating to global English.

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