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This webinar looks at the teaching of English as a Foreign language in pre-primary education and shares the results of a project which investigated the effectiveness of incorporating an English learning area into the children’s play options.

Gavin Dudeney talks about personal learning networks (PLNs) and provides some practical suggestions for how to develop your PLN using Twitter.

Find out more about the award-winning 'Talk English' project, which helps people with the lowest levels of English to build their confidence, access services and get more involved in the community, by training and supporting volunteers.

In this article Tessa Woodward explores ways to keep on developing as a teacher trainer and looks at how and why we should try to improve our training repertoire.

The webinar explores the reasons behind the failure to implement learner-centred approaches in developing world contexts. Attempts to promote a balanced approach to pedagogy through a teacher education project in Burma are showcased.

Diana Lea, Editor of the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English, shows how the award-winning Dictionary of Academic English can support learners in reading academic texts and in using core academic vocabulary accurately and appropriately in their writing.

In this extract Marisa Constantinides presents activities to develop teachers' creative thinking skills.

In this extract, Libor Stepanek presents 'The creative approach to language teaching', which has been developed, tested and successfully implemented at Masaryk University Language Centre.

In this extract Judit Fehér gives tips to teachers on how to integrate creativity into everyday classroom practice.

In this extract, Brian Tomlinson looks at why we should be creative with our coursebook and suggests some interesting ideas for teachers to experiment with in class.

Alan Maley suggests some excellent ideas for how to set up the conditions in the classroom in order to enhance creativity.


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