New online text analysis tools can offer teachers and test designers important new insights into the difficulty level of texts to use in testing and teaching contexts, and also important tools for validating language tests.

This webinar examines a high-powered web-based text analysis tool called, winner of the 2017 ELTons award for Digital Innovation. The tool allows users quickly to obtain reliable research-based information on the lexical composition and level of any text, to help them make key decisions about their text’s difficulty and its overall level in relation to the CEFR.

This webinar will show the potential of the tool for teachers, learners, materials designers and test developers, as well as a programme for developing similar text analysis tools for other languages such as German, French, and Spanish.

We will also discuss the tool's growing research base, namely the analysis of thousands of Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking texts and transcripts, benchmarked to the CEFR, which lay behind the development of the metrics used in the tool.

Date: Thursday 5 April

Time: 16.00 UK time. (Find out the time where you are.)

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