Date: Friday 31 October 2014

Theme: Feedback on observation can be questioned, resisted and rejected if the data gathered during the observation is perceived as subjective. In this webinar I will show strategies and simple digital recording tools which I use to ensure that the information gathered when observing lessons is objective and based on evidence.

About the speaker
Silvana Richardson is Head of Teacher Development at Bell Educational Services. She has worked in English Language Teaching for over 25 years as teacher and academic manager, and has trained EFL, MFL, ESOL, EAL, CLIL and subject teachers and trainers in the state and private sectors both in the UK and abroad. She has been Director of the Bell Delta Online and Director of Studies at Bell Teacher Campus, Cambridge. Silvana is a speaker in international conferences and a Quality Assurance inspector. She holds an MA in Teacher Education, is PGCE and Delta qualified.

Watch a recording of the webinar
Please click on the link below to watch a recording of the webinar: